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Site: WET-BOEW-GCWeb 4.0 for Moodle
Course: Moodle Community of Practice (2020 edition) (Moodle Community 2020W)
Glossary: Glossary of Moodle terms


A Learning Management System is a computer-based system used to deliver, track, grade, report and execute educational or training materials. Moodle is an example of an LMS.


Main menu

This menu Moodle menu, which appears in the header, is customizable allowing you to put any links you like.


Massive(ly) Open Online Course – is a course that is made available over the Internet to a large number of people.


Moodle (Modular Object-Oriented Dynamic Learning Environment) is a free and open-source learning management system written in PHP and distributed under the GNU General Public License.


Native Moodle Course

A course made up of Moodle activity and resources which may include:

  • Announcement (forum)
  • Assignment
  • Book
  • Chat
  • Choice
  • Database
  • Feedback
  • File
  • Folder
  • Forum
  • Glossary
  • H5P
  • Label
  • Lesson
  • Page
  • Quiz
  • Survey
  • URL
  • Wiki
  • Workshop

The term Native Moodle Course is used to give distinction to SCORM Courses.

Nav drawer

The Moodle Navigation Drawer is the navigation menu that slides open and close when you click on the hamburger menu in the top left or right of the page. It typically contains links which are relevant to the content currently displayed in the content area.



When something is Online, it means that the content is accessible over the Internet. The connection can be via computer, tablet or Smartphone.



Registration is the process of signing up a student for an account on the website.


A resource is a type of activity that can be used to support learning, such as a file or link. Moodle supports a range of resources. Adding a resource such as a book, file, folder, Label, page or URL works exactly the same way as it does for adding an activity. When editing a course, you can add a resource by clicking the Add an activity or resource to choose an activity and scrolling down to the Resource section of the list.


SCORM Course

SCORM (Sharable Content Object Reference Model) activity packages can be used on any compatible LMS but require special software, knowledge and skills to enter and generate the content package. Moodle is fully compatible SCORM version 1.2 and partially compatible with SCORM 2004.

In Moodle, a SCORM course is actually a Moodle course to which a SCORM Package activity has been added. This provides the bulk of the content of the course. The term SCORM Course is used to give distinction to a Native Moodle Course.

The SCORM Package can be published as a single activity course format but may be included in Weekly or Topic format courses and accompanied by other native Moodle activities and resources such as introduction/instruction page, feedback form and certificate of completion.

An rising alternative to SCORM packages is H5P