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This course enables you to view the standard WET-BOEW widgets in order to determine their level of compatibility with WET-BOEW-Moodle themes.

WET Style Guide...

In this introductory course, you will learn how to create a basic HTML 5 web page that you can make available on the Internet.

This course covers:

  1. How to edit an HTML file and view it in a web browser.
  2. The basic structure of an HTML file.
  3. How to add basic HTML tags and information in your web page.
  4. How to upload your HTML file to your web server.

This course covers 17 basic essential topics that will give you the tools you need to deliver interactive online e-learning courses to your e-learner students including:

  • Logging into Moodle
  • Using Moodle navigation and configuring dashboard
  • Creating courses and organizing them
  • Setting up progress and completion tracking
  • Creating glossaries, assignments, quizzes, feedback forms
  • ...and so much more.

Shopping for a new laptop? If you are tired of re-creating your perfect development laptop every couple of years, this course is for you. You will learn what to look for in a laptop that will keep you satisfied for years to come.

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