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Le but de ce site Web est de fournir un exemple fonctionnel du thème de la WET-BOEW-GCWeb créé par TNG Consulting Inc. en collaboration avec le gouvernement du Canada pour le logiciel Moodle . Les cours de démonstration ne sont disponibles qu'en anglais, mais les cours multilingues sont pris en charge.

Community Discussion forum - Ask questions and help others

This forum is a free form gathering place for students and teachers which is open to questions, answers, problems, and exchanges. In urgent cases, you may contact us by phone or e-mail.

IMPORTANT: In order to complete this activity, you must contribute to this forum. Start by introducing yourself or asking a question, and responding to someone else's post.

Using the forum

You can start a new discussion by clicking Add new message.

Click Reply to respond to someone else's message. The reply message header will automatically be copied from the initial message, but you can modify it to describe the content of your message. If you find someone message or reply useful, let them know by rating their message.

You can edit or delete your own messages for up to 30 minutes after posting your message. After this period, if you later need to change or delete messages, ask your teacher for assistance.

You can also search for messages in the forum by clicking on Search for messages.

Subscribing to the forum

You can subscribe and have messages in the forum delivered to your own email by clicking on Subscribe to this forum located in the bottom left under Settings, Discussion area. Once you've taken part in a discussion, the response messages will start coming in to your email unless you change your mind and unsubscribe from the forum.

If you want to subscribe to a single thread in the forum, click the balloon next to the first message.

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