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The purpose of this website is to provide a working example of the WET-BOEW-GCWeb theme created by TNG Consulting Inc. together with the Government of Canada for Moodle software . Demo courses are only available in English however multi-language courses are supported.

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Long description of image 2

Example long description of image 2 (referenced by aria-describedby).

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  • AJAX - override default behaviour of image link with lbx-ajax
    Image 1
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  • AJAX - Content filtered by URL hash (v4.0.7+)
  • AJAX - Content filtered by selector (v4.0.12+)


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Alternative image title

Image 1: Lorem ipsum consectetur adipiscing elit.

Image 2: Nulla mollis dolor leo. Quisque laoreet tincidunt mollis. Duis posuere scelerisque lectus quis lobortis.

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