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This is not a Government of Canada website

Le but de ce site Web est de fournir un exemple fonctionnel du thème de la WET-BOEW-GCWeb créé par TNG Consulting Inc. en collaboration avec le gouvernement du Canada pour le logiciel Moodle . Les cours de démonstration ne sont disponibles qu'en anglais, mais les cours multilingues sont pris en charge.

Help with badges

By far, the most frequently asked question when people start implementing Moodle badges is: What size and format should they be? 

While you can make them bigger or smaller, badges should be as follows for optimum quality:

  • Height: 100 px
  • Width: 100 px
  • File format: PNG

Note that some themes will resize badges to 90 px X 90 px in which case you should probably be making them that size in the first place.

Did you know? Badges are not just simple graphics. They contain special meta information including a link back to the issuing website.

Here are some tools and tips to help you get started:

Badge Generator

Badge Library

Using Badges

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