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This is not a Government of Canada website

Le but de ce site Web est de fournir un exemple fonctionnel du thème de la WET-BOEW-GCWeb créé par TNG Consulting Inc. en collaboration avec le gouvernement du Canada pour le logiciel Moodle . Les cours de démonstration ne sont disponibles qu'en anglais, mais les cours multilingues sont pris en charge.

Copying and pasting content into Moodle

You have been working hard to develop content for your course in Microsoft Word and are ready to start copying and pasting it into Moodle. The problem is, it looks terrible in Moodle - not at all like it did in Word.

The problem is, the content from Word comes with a whole lot of unwanted junk formatting codes when you copy and paste it into Moodle. What can you do other than manually edit and clean up all those extra codes?

Paste Special is a plugin that cleans up the HTML code copied from other sources as it is being inserted into Moodle. It does a much better job than the built-in paste tool included in the Moodle editor.

In order to use this plugin, you must install it on your own Moodle site. It is not available on learn.moodle.net or moodlecloud.com.

Another alternative is to use an online tool called HTML Tidy. Just paste your text into the left-side editor or your HTML code into the right-side editor and click the TIDY button on the right side. Then simply copy and paste the content into your Moodle site.

WARNING: Every once in a while, it will add a little advertisement to the bottom of your content. It is harmless but you should remember to remove it or it will become part of your content.

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