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The purpose of this website is to provide a working example of the WET-BOEW-GCWeb theme created by TNG Consulting Inc. together with the Government of Canada for Moodle software . Demo courses are only available in English however multi-language courses are supported.

Course and author information

Copyright 2016-2018 TNG Consulting Inc. All rights reserved.

Credit and gratitude to Michael Milette (TNG Consulting Inc.) for the following:

  • Pedagogical design and teaching materials;
  • Planning and pedagogical consulting;
  • Photos and graphics;
  • Production;
  • Publishing.

First published: 2016

The course material is protected in accordance with the copyright law in Canada and is only intended for use by participants of this course. You may not distribute, publish, copy, make public or otherwise commercially exploit any of the course material including but not limited to content, images, recordings, videos, without the permission from the author and publisher.

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