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This is not a Government of Canada website

The purpose of this website is to provide a working example of the WET-BOEW-GCWeb theme created by TNG Consulting Inc. together with the Government of Canada for Moodle software . Demo courses are only available in English however multi-language courses are supported.

Tools and resources for course content creators

Online HTML cleanup tool - Get rid of all those extra codes from it's source.

Online HTML Formatting tool - Structure your HTML so it is easy to understand.

Free Stock Photo Sites - Who said photos had to be expensive?

Badge templates - Tools to create badges for your Moodle courses.

Real-time Code Editor - See a web page happen as you type HTML... great for trying things out.

Lorem Ipsum - Placeholder text until you figure out your content.

Lorem Images - Placeholder images until you settle on your photos / images / graphics.

W3C HTML Validation Tool - Test your HTML to make sure it is as compatible as possible with as many devices.

Accessibility Checklist - Things to remember when creating web pages to make them accessible to everyone.

Audio authoring tool - Record audio for podcasts.

Video authoring tool - Record your lecture from your computer's webcam.

YouTube - A place to store your videos for your courses.

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